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Innovative Fusion has designed a device which can help you charge and maintain your device battery levels. The device is first connected to your smartphone adapter, the device communicates with smartphone over Wifi/Bluetooth and maintains the battery levels of smartphone. It prevents overcharging and undercharge of battery. The size of device is around a USB pen-drive.     You can also download our premium app from Play Store. Our Device support all brands on smartphone.
Wireless Device
Step 1: HARDWARE CONNECTION I don't have key pin so i download data sheet.The key is 34 pin.i give 3.3v supply to it. Then connect to arduino as shown in figure. the logic level of Arduino is 5v but logic level of bluetooth module is 3.3 v.So you can also connect to it via resistance and form voltage devider. Step 2: SOFTWARE SETUP Burn this code in Arduino uno void setup() {} void loop() {}
Arduino BLuetooth HC-05
    This App is for Beginners who are new to IoT (Internet of Things). The Application helps you control Lights over Touch Screen, WLAN/Wifi/LAN, 5G/4G/3G/2G Network. Application is loaded with features, it is advanced one, loaded with features. Users can connect to arduino using bluetooth HC05. Users can then control lights from anywhere in the world using a free online account. Users can add N number of lights and dimmer using our app. The
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