About Us

Back in 2012, Swapnil Gupta had various ideas on business start-ups but every time he went ahead to implement these ideas, there was a serious challenge of finding the right combination for start-ups of technology input and creative solutions. After 4 or 5 attempts at constructively working on core ideas and giving them up as absence of a start-up environment, Swapnil could gauge a serious gap in the market.

Large companies would not entertain young entrepreneurs with their vague concepts and limited budgets (read non-existent). Medium sized companies were conducting way too long to decide feasibility and budgets. Small companies didn’t have enough skill sets required to fulfil the entire project.

As start-ups began mushrooming everywhere, things got pressured to hire in house capability and many boot strapped ventures lost the battle against time (the most important factor). Swapnil saw at least 15 such potentially good ventures fizzing out. That’s when he decided to change the game and indulge in start-ups with a lacking digital profile.

At Innovative Fusion, our vision is to give our clients solutions which improve Digital Profiles of an enterprises along with elevation in many other areas. At a densely-linked digital Internet world, we believe that our services will help our Clients go a long way in establishing a successful online presence.